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All Parts and materials are warrantied for 1 year if failure is due to manufacture defects.  


Not covered:  

-If racks are run into trees, trailer, other hard surfaces or if straps are over tightened and used improperly. "Warning" if racks are not backed up with additional backing damage to tunnel may occur. Riding big woops over long duration or at high speeds may cause tunnel damage.  Protect your sled ride smart.   Arctic Cats have notorious thin tunnels.  


How to care for racks:  

-Never over tighten straps, once straps are in contact with skis and poles only tighten one or two more clicks to secure load.  

-Do not store in the sun

-Cross treading sometime happens with the ladder straps and buckles.  This occurs when the strap is pushed in at an angle and goes over the dimples on the side of the buckle if strap becomes stuck this is the issue.  If this occurs use something like your keys or ski poles to push the straps back under the dimples.  This will allow strap to move freely again.  

Ski and Snowboard Racks for Snowmobiles

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