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If you currently have a first generation racks with the 1/4in T-nuts and bolts we encourage you to upgrade to our larger 3/8in T-nuts and bolts to insure a stronger set up. See notice on the about us page. 

Replacement Mounting Up Grade Bolt Kits

  • you will need a 25/64 in drill bit and a 29/64 in drill bit. First you will want to drill through original bolt hole with the 25/64 bit. Next you drill into the bottom of rack 2/3 of the way through or the depth of your new T-nut with the 29/64 bit. To insure proper depth wrap drill bit with tape at desired depth. Next us the 29/64 drill bit to make the holes on your tunnel the right size to accept the new T-nuts. Then reinstall racks.
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