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NEW for 2019 high rise aluminum racheting buckles.  We have stepped up our game with the Quick Connect.  Also compatible with our LinQ Connect system and our heavy duty mounting block.   (When mounting in Polaris T track we highly recommend buying the heavy duty mounting block or mounting front rack on the side of the tunnel)  Now with the pull of a pin you can swap from ski to board or just remove your racks when playing in the powder. With minimal mounting holes required on most sleds and no drilling on sleds with a tunnel T track you will have the Quick Connect base mounted in no time. Next just slid in ether the ski rack or the board rack and your favorite weapon of choice and off you go. Just snowmobiling for the day simply slid off your rack to avoid trees and storage issues.

Quick Connect Ski Rack

  • The Universal Quick Connect comes with all the trusted features of our older model racks. This is a set that will work only on one side of a sled, order two sets for each side. They work on all the newest sleds as well as the old. You get all stainless steel hardware, heavy duty straps and steel buckles. The racks themselves are made from a polycarbonate plastic that is indestructible and comes with a years warranty on any factory defects.
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