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Finally an easy, economic way to get your skis to the backcountry.  With our line of ski racks you will be able to haul any type of ski to your favorite run as well as your buddy's. These racks fit longer tunnel(163") sleds and sleds with racks.  If it has a tunnel it needs a set of ski racks.

(Will NOT work for sled with cooling systems that run on the outside edge of the tunnel such as Artic Cat M8)

Style Number: SS991060FWS

HighMark Flat wall rack

  • Ideal for mounting on cargo racks, will work on longer tunnels.

    Instillation instructions for
    Back Country Adventure Gear Ski Racks
    Check out Youtube and Facebook instillation video and pics at:
    What you will need:
    1.Drill and Drill Bit size 29/64”, Loctite, Set of Allen wrenches or bit for drill

    How to get it done:
    2.Decide where you would like the front and back racks to mount. The farther back on the sled the better to avoid riders. Take into consideration the type of skis and bindings that will be used. Decide if your rack will be behind or in the middle of your bindings. Your tunnel length will decide this. On the Universal racks for most stability I mount the back rack on the top and the front rack on the side. For this reason I mount the straps on opposite sides so they open on the same side once mounted this way. If you are mounting them on the same side you can unscrew the straps and switch them to the opposite side. Email or call for further information.

    3.Next mount your skis into the racks as it would be on the sled. Hold up to the sled to verify your mounting positions. Tail end of skis should point toward the rider, it is the shorter side

    4.Once positions are identified check the inside of tunnel to insure bracing and wiring will not be hit by drill bit.

    5.Remove racks from the skis and position the back rack on the tunnel. Back rack should be positioned as far back on the tunnel as sled will allow. Take the drill and mark where your two holes will be drilled using a 29/64” drill bit.

    6.Drill both holes into tunnel and then place the T nuts through the holes and back of the rack.

    7.Place red lock tight on bolt threads and lightly tighten them in to the T nuts. If you plan on taking the racks on and off don’t us the lock tight, make sure you check that screws are tight often. Once both bolts are in place you can then tighten the bolts as tight as you can.

    8.Again place skis in the
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