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About Us/Why Us?

Utah Back Country Adventure Tours is excited to show off our back yard that contains five national Parks and other famous riding areas such as Moab, San Rafael Swell and the Grand Staircase National Monument.  The areas that connects these parks are some of the most diverse and remote areas in the world.  We offer tours from one to six days that will leave you amazed each and every day.  Ride fast and hard with your buddies. Or slow it down and enjoy it with your family by showing them the diversity of the red sand stone sculptures mother nature has made over millions of years .  We ride Honda 250s, 450s, 650s, and side by sides so there is a ride for everyone.  All meals, transportation, bikes, lodging(camping) and gear provided. You can also mix it up by adding, climbing, canyoneering, or boating.  Come see Utah like you have never seen it before.   

Important notice

We recently had our first tunnel faliure with our oringinal bolt mounting hardware.  Our fist year T-nuts were a lot smaller then our current T-nuts over the last couple of years on this particular sled the tunnel was stressed and the T-nuts riped out of the tunnel.  If you have one of our original racks with the smaller 1/4in T-nuts we incurage you to buy the new larger mounting kits we are now offering on our site. 


Why Choose The Highmark

-We use only the best material we can find for the strongest rack we can make no flimsy straps or cords.

-This is the lightest racking system on the market coming in at just over a pound a set

-This is a stand alone product, you dont need a three hundered dollar rack to mount too.

-This is the lowest priced rack on the market if you only need one set you only buy one set.

-One rack will hold a pair of skis or a snowboard.  None of this one ski on a side crap.

-Our rack is also the best looking, lowest profile rack out there. 







snowmobile in the back country

Jon, the creator of Back Country Adventure Gear and Back Country Adventure Tours, grew up in the heart of Southern Utah in a small town called Orderville. Orderville is surrounded by the many parks and remote areas which the tours offered on this site ride through. Jon spent his childhood first on three wheelers then on motorcyles exploring the rugged country around him with his Dad.

During the last six years Jon also started racing dirt bikes in the USRA desert race series. In his second year as a novice he was the overall points leader. In the amateur field he was the leader in his class and top five over all. Jon now races in the expert class. One of Jon's crowning dirt bike moments was racing in the Baja 1000.

With his years of experience dirt bike riding and knowledge of the backcountry, Jon makes an ideal instructor and guide into some of the most remote areas of Utah.

For those of you who love landscapes, the Colorado Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It is the classic “red rock county” where color is everywhere, sprayed over an infinite variety of landforms that at first may appear to be surreal. 

The beauty is world famous not only for its many scenic attractions, but also for its diversity in color and brilliant land forms. The plateaus are red, the cliffs are red, the canyons are red, and the walls of the gorges are red.  Indeed, the name “Colorado” means “colored red”.

These lands are a lonely secret world, known only to a few. Most are privileged to see only some of the faces of the various landforms Utah has to offer: Canyonlands, Arches, Capital Reef, Bryce and Zion are some of the more well know faces of the Colorado Plateau. 

Here at Back Country Adventure Tours we have spent a lifetime of exploration behind these main scenes and have been amazed at the varied landscapes that connect these national treasures together. 

Come spend a day or two or even a week with Back County Adventure Tours exploring the back ways of this lonely, secret and amazing world Utah has to offer.  Find out for yourself why we keep going back year after year. Whether it’s from the back of the fast “see it all” dirt bike or the “take your time” comfort of a jeep, we will take you places no one else can.







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